Opmetrix Acquired

It’s 25 years to the exact day since Opmetrix was founded, and it’s been a mobile revolution since 1997 when we first started. The smartphone had not been invented, it was dial-up modem days and then along came this little device called the Palm Pilot.

Official Press Release : Link to PDF

The first version of Opmetrix was written by Oliver during a Xmas holiday break. 3 weeks later we had a stock-take and basic sales module on a palm pilot, with a fancy built in laser scanner running on 2 x AA batteries that lasted about 20 mins! 3 years later we had won international awards for our mobility achievements and had hundreds of users. Back in the day we used to “wow” people by pointing a Palm to a printer and magically printing an invoice via Infra-red printing!

Since then, we have experienced unimaginable changes to mobility but have always kept pace and been at the leading edge of mobile software. We are now in our third generation of Opmetrix technology, and we are delighted to announce the journey is set to continue.

Since day one, setting our customers up for success has been our top priority, and we’re confident that our acquisition by Commerce Vision will advance that mission and secure the legacy of support for businesses that we’ve built over the last 25 years.

Commerce Vision with its world class eCommerce platform and AI automated sales order processing solution, Lucy, is a perfect fit for Opmetrix customers. Great people, great technology, and the same ambition to deliver the best omni sales channel technology.

In 2021 Commerce Vision was acquired by Potentia Capital who provided investment into the business to drive Commerce Vision’s growth and success. Potentia are an Australian based private equity company, who focus solely on the technology sector.

While our ownership will change, our platform will stay Opmetrix through and through with the same user-friendly field CRM software, the same resources, and the same fantastic support team. In fact, our goal is for all these things to get even better as part of Commerce Vision.

In the meantime, you’ll have the customer experience you’ve come to expect from Opmetrix. We know that our customers and partners expect consistency and continuity as much as they expect new features and functionality, and we’re committed to meeting your needs as we move forward together with Commerce Vision.

We’ll keep you updated as things progress and a huge thank you for trusting us to help you grow your business. At our core, Opmetrix will always be the humble little Palm Pilot app that grew up and became a world class mobile platform.

Yours sincerely
David, Oliver and all the Opmetrix Team

Official Press Release : Link to PDF