About Opmetrix

Opmetrix is a leading mobile CRM and sales platform, part of the Commerce Vision suite of B2B omnichannel solutions. We develop award-winning cloud-based consumer goods CRM and sales solutions that make field team activity measurable and transparent.

Our Mission Statement

Opmetrix began with a mission to achieve excellence in mobility for organizations with field-based sales teams. Keeping reps connected wherever they go was an essential goal, and one we have accomplished through developing our cloud-based CRM solution. Opmetrix can be used by sales reps and merchandisers anywhere, on any device.

Designed to grow along side your business, we are continually evolving this scalable solution to ensure we always deliver excellence to our customers.

Our History

Opmetrix CRM is an Australasian company that has been working to improve the productivity of field sales teams since 1997. More than 2,000 brands have trusted Opmetrix to help them achieve long-term success over the 20+ years that have followed. In 2022 Opmetrix was acquired by Commerce vision, a Potentia Capital portfolio company.

Together, the Commerce Vision group of companies, which include Commerce Vision, Lucy and Opmetrix, bring world class B2B omnichannel solutions to customers across Australia, New Zealand and beyond.

Opmetrix has built a reputation for its quality solution with great after sales support. We pride ourselves on our industry knowledge - staying up to date on emerging innovations and trends allows us to continue offering an exceptional level of support and advice.

Our team, our culture

Our ever-evolving platform is a product of our culture of continuous growth.. Our passion is finding ways to make people's jobs easier, so we are always considering how we can develop our product to streamline your business processes.

The Opmetrix team lives by 3 key foundations:
Platform. People. Results.

We look to solve the hardest problems at scale, empower our customers through our authentic and passionate approach to innovation and deliver results that are second to none!

Our clients drive our business, so we love getting to know them and finding out what works best for their needs.

Trust you're in good hands

When you call Opmetrix, you will be speaking to one of our knowledgeable representatives. Based in New Zealand, our service desk team focuses on delivering stellar customer experiences - call up with any question, and our team will go above and beyond to find the answer for you.

Our highly skilled support technicians and technical team work hard to maintain and update the Opmetrix app to ensure it's always ready to go when you need it. We’re here when you need us, through every step.

Supporting Mohua Blue Penguin Trust

Opmetrix is proud to support Mohua Blue Penguin Trust