Are you evaluating your mobile sales and merchandising software options?

How Opmetrix can help you improve merchandising and retail promotions

If there's one thing consumer goods companies can be sure of in the world of retail, it's that it's always changing. A constantly shifting sales environment is a given; and as digital transformation continues to soar, successful retail merchandising relies on product catalogues, streamlined communication channels and transaction processing all in one place.

Which is why you're currently evaluating your options for a mobile CRM and sales platform - you're looking to improve mobility for your field-based sales teams. Ideally, you want something that will scale as your business grows, and you want to benefit from actionable insights that data analysis can provide.

And of course, you want something that will enable you to excel at retail execution - you want your products to stand out on the shelf, and out from the crowd.

Requirements of modern retail execution

Retail execution is about making sure that your brand and promotional strategy is executed in the stores where your products are sold. It means taking the right action, in the right store, at the right time... and on every channel. So how is this achieved?

1.    You need relevant, real-time information
When you have up-to-the minute data available, you increase your chances of winning at the shelf because you're giving your field teams the information they need to make decisions on the fly.

2.    The ability to optimise in-store promotions
This is known as data-backed decision-making. When you analyse performance data, you can pinpoint opportunities which then lead the actual execution of high-impact activities.

3.    Purpose-built tech
An innovative, flexible and scalable retail execution solution is essential. Without one, you won't be able to leverage real-time reporting and data for actionable insights - and that's where the real power of retail execution lies.

The fight to win at the shelf is anon-going and intensely dynamic one. A modern retail execution strategy facilitated by the right tech is how to keep your products in the spotlight.

The tools needed to execute retail and promotion campaigns

We've outlined the key requirements of modern retail execution. Now let's take a look at the tools that make it happen.

1.    Visibility over inventory
Your field teams need to know what's in the inventory. They need to verify what items are on what shelves and in what locations. Not only that, but when you have real-time visibility over your inventory, you're less likely to suffer from stock-outs and empty shelves... which you really don't want when you've got an in-store promotion launching.

2.    Project management
Your in-store promotions need to impact on shoppers, because most of the time, they've got a set budget for specific items they want to purchase. This actually opens up new opportunities, but you need to make sure that your set-ups and displays are properly placed and that the timing is right. And that's down to project planning, so it's essential to have a solution on board that gives you visibility into the status of each project and task. Not only that, but you also need the ability to build the projects, then distribute and send instructions to your field teams.

3.    Data-driven insights
Analysed correctly, data is a valuable business asset, since you can extrapolate useful information from it that will help you spot trends. Additionally, your sales team can use the data to analyse how product specials have impacted on sales, or how often they're visiting stores and managing those relationships.

Successful retail execution is like anything else - you need the right tools for the job.

How Opmetrix CRM can help you meet the requirements of modern retail execution

What makes our award-winning solution stand out is how easy it is to use, both at the front and back ends. Our platform not only produces relevant real-time reports, but you will gain powerful in-field, actionable insights, and manage all your customer communications. It's cloud-based based software that connects field teams and management, anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Whoever is driving the field team can easily distribute tasks out, including to those in the field.

·       A mobile solution that works on and offline

·       A highly configurable, flexible design that can be tailored for your business's unique needs

·       Connects to external business intelligence tools

·       Powerful data analytics to empower decision-making

·       A scalable platform that grows with your business, helping you to achieve and exceed sales targets

·       Business is simplified by storing all key information in one place

·       Significantly reduces time on administrative tasks both in the field and back at head office

·       Integrates with a wide range of ERPs and other systems

The Opmetrix CRM has been designed to achieve successful retail execution, by enabling data capture of key metrics including range, share of shelf, facing counts, inventory, price checks and more. It allows your business to grow your market share and your brand.

Discover how to leverage data-driven insights and decision-making with our Ultimate Guide to Retail Execution.