Case Study : AllProof Industries and Acclaim Group

In the modern world today, businesses have encountered a new set of challenges to overcome as pandemics have swept across the world.

Allproof Industries, a family owned business based in Auckland, with distribution centers in Christchurch, Melbourne and Brisbane were able to navigate these challenging times and continue to run their successful business. They did this by utilizing technology to equip their team with the right tools and leave behind their pen and paper methods, bringing them into the 21st century.

Their main goal was to continue to manufacture their own products and ultimately keep kiwis in jobs. They knew that having a reliable IT solution which provided support and advice, was paramount to their future success.

Enter Acclaim Group, who have worked with Allproof for many years and are one of New Zealand's most established ERP solution providers. With a wealth of knowledge gained throughout many years of providing innovative solutions to their clients, Acclaim have assisted Allproof in continually finding new ways to streamline their business.

Having one point of contact for technical support is incredibly important to Allproof's North Island Sales Manager, Alex McIntyre, and one of the main reasons for partnering with Acclaim all those years ago was their great service and fast turn-around times, stating

“In our market we need resolutions immediately, if customers are waiting any amount of time, that’s too long”. - Alex McIntyre

Noticing a gap in their workstream, Allproof discussed with Acclaim that their sales team was still using old school pen and paper to record their field data which was not only a security risk, but Alex understood that not everyone has a mega memory so details would be getting missed. Alex aimed to equip his team with the right tool to help them succeed and streamline their communication channels.

The question then was, which would be the right tool for the business.

With a long standing partnership over many years, Acclaim and Opmetrix work in sync with clients to provide them with an end to end solution for both field teams and distributors. For Acclaim, it was a no brainer to recommend Opmetrix CRM to Allproof.

AllProof specialize in Plumbing, Drainage Systems and Fire Protection Products.

Attending sales syndicate groups where businesses raved about great CRM software, it became apparent to Alex that using the right CRM platform would help springboard his field team to victory.

Allproof were keen to implement an advanced solution to improve field team efficiency and work flows, while also providing management with accurate and transparent reporting. With an in-depth array of relevant modules such as ‘field team performance’, ‘route optimization’ and ‘payment instore’ functions to name a few, the Opmetrix CRM app meant that Allproof could ditch the unreliable pen and paper and trust in technology.

This meant Alex and the management team could rest assured that their team was focused on serving their clients needs rather than remembering important details as it was all stored in the Opmetrix app, available at the swipe of a finger.

“Coming from having never used a CRM before, Opmetrix ticked all the boxes and gave me no reason to look elsewhere as it fulfilled the majority of our needs” - Alex McIntyre

By using Opmetrix CRM, Allproof discovered that not only would their field teams save time, but the accuracy of their customer notes, information from head office and other important customer details were all at their fingertips, equipping them with the resources to better service their customer.

Implementing Opmetrix CRM within Allproof proved a breeze and Alex’s team were excited to get stuck in. “95% of our field team had never used a CRM before, everyone learnt it very well and viewed it as a tool to improve their sales and day to day dealings” Alex said.

Working with Acclaim and Opmetrix, Alex says how he had noticed efficiency of the company and with knowledge and support available whenever they need, it’s streamlined their processes and just as he wanted, has brought Allproof into the 21st century.