Mobile Sales

Want to gain extra hours of productivity a day? Say goodbye to laborious manual re-entry of orders because with Opmetrix for sales, you can.
The mobile app allows on-the-spot transaction processing which means super quick ordering and automatic import to accounting systems.

Sales automation

A sales entry system for your field team which automates transactions, invoices, orders, credit requests and quotes.


Advanced Functionality

Advanced features can be enabled or disabled to suit your business needs and empower your sales team.

Visibility of sales history

Opmetrix displays the previous products purchased along with dates last purchased, pricing and quantities. An exceptional feature for regular route sales ordering.

  • Orders, Invoices & Credits
  • Stock on-hand at a glance
  • Signature capture
  • Email confirmations
  • Mobile barcode scanning
  • Add prospects and enter quotes
  • Mobile printing
  • Add credit reasons and notes
  • Attach photos to orders
  • Multi vendor for broker sales
  • Multiple units
  • Set discount thresholds
  • Multi location stock
  • View product sales cycles
  • Repeat a transaction
  • Switch an order to a credit
  • Mark orders as favourites

Comprehensive sales reporting

Opmetrix sales history is the fastest way to locate, print and email copies of sales transactions. Transactions are time and date stamped and electronic signatures are kept for proof of purchase.

  • Comprehensive sales reporting
  • Workflow to manage order dispatch
  • Advanced functionality including sales by vendor and multi warehouse

Keep your sales team informed

With automated sales reporting your field team will automatically receive daily or weekly sales updates on product sold and sales against budget.

  • Sales budget by day and month per field user
  • Automatic weekly reporting
  • Product and Product Group reporting

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