Increase sales team productivity and performance with Opmetrix CRM – the solution which organises your team, collects customer information to one centralised place and shares data easily between the back office and the front line.

You’ll always know exactly what’s happening out on the field, so you can encourage and drive improvements.

Field teams love this app!

Record customer notes, activities, photos and contacts ensuring you have everything at your fingertips to help you customer and to sell more.

Know more about your customer

The best place to capture customer info is at the coalface. Opmetrix is simple, fast and sales teams can access all data online and offline.


A structured task list ensures the things that need doing get done. Field teams can measure their own progress and set targets for the next store visit.


Calling cards are used to record various information regarding the store currently being called on. They are often used to record what happened on each store visit.

Seize opportunity

Turn prospects into customers. Add new prospects and outlets in the field, build call history and survey information, and record activities.


Sales teams can collect data out in the field e.g. what advertising material is on display. 


  • A daily call cycle of appointments
  • Add sick leave or days off
  • View customer maps, get directions
  • Add prospects and track their progress
  • Add call notes and record activities
  • Add multiple customer contacts
  • See customer balances 
  • Be alerted for stop credit
  • Email notes and photos within your team
  • Complete in-store surveys
  • Set goals and objectives for every outlet
  • Add optional tasks to check promotions 
  • View sales history or quotes
  • Record what happened on each store visit
  • Escalate issues, problems or competitor information
  • Record detail changes e.g. address, phone numbers
  • Re-schedule a visit and add to the Journey Plan
  • Add photos which relate to the calling card
  • Add prospect details in the field
  • Add calling card notes 
  • Add contacts to a prospect
  • Enter a quotation or order for a prospect
  • Easy to fill in surveys
  • Include photos in surveys
  • Compulsory or optional questions

View real time updates from your field team

The tiles on the Opmetrix dashboard gives instant visibility of what’s happening in the field.

  • The number of store visits completed today
  • Which field team members are active
  • A live stream of photos taken in the field
  • Sales indicators for orders, invoices and credits
  • Call Cycle compliance indicator

Activity Compliance

Activity reporting ensures your team are optimised and get the most out of a day. Activity reports match their call cycle against actual call to ensure compliance.

  • Analyse time spent in-store along with start and end times for a day
  • Report on customer coverage to ensure your customers are being well serviced
  • Integrated Leave system to account for sick leave, public holidays etc
  • GPS compliance ensures the team are where they should be – with customers

Share, automate and report

Every day Opmetrix can automatically send key reports to your management and field team. Opmetrix Portfolios are just one example of the powerful automation within the system.

  • Opmetrix Portfolios – set-up and generate automatic daily, weekly and monthly reports
  • Opmetrix Workflow – set-up approval/rejection workflow for sales and deal promotions
  • Opmetrix Saved Reports – save frequently used reports and access with a single click
  • Opmetrix Integration – Integrate to Mailchimp for email marketing
  • Opmetrix Integration – Integrate to Metcash for EDI processing

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