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Redefining customer service


Chris Mansfield, Hancocks

We met up with Chris Mansfield, recently awarded ‘Sales Rep of the Year’ as voted by the Christchurch Hospitality Industry.  Chris is an On-Premise Account Manager for Hancocks wine, beers and spirits merchants and uses Opmetrix software in the field. We asked Chris, what makes him so successful in his role?

Contacts and relationships, and servicing customers are the key. Chris has an absolute passion for the hospitality industry, having managed bars internationally, and competed at world bartending competitions. Hancocks supply the portfolio of brands Chris had used behind the bar, so it’s easy for him to talk about industry trends instead of dollar value. He returned to New Zealand after some years working in the hospitality industry overseas, where he “learnt what service is”, and he decided on returning to redefine the notion of service within the industry. “What I’d done – my experience, and the relationships I have, really paid dividends. Some reps switch their phone off at 5pm but we’re in hospitality. I know what it’s like to run a bar.” And evidently the screensaver on his phone says “Work until you no longer have to introduce yourself.”

HancocksFor Chris, how true you are to your word, and your actions are paramount and he values honesty and loyalty above all. He has huge respect for the hospitality ‘legends’ who have longevity and experience in the industry, reflected by low levels of staff turnover. The ability to maintain and hold onto a crew is a real reflection of the values within a business. As an ambassador of Hancocks, Chris makes sure he delivers and maintains the company’s notion of being “Supplier of Choice.”

Chris uses the Opmetrix call cycle and also has autonomy in his role, making an effort to accommodate ‘off the cuff’ requests. For order taking and making he rates Opmetrix highly, and is always looking for ways to improve business systems and processes. He’s a fan of MMA fighter Conor McGregor, with the fighting attitude of “I never lose – I win or I learn.”

Fighting talk indeed; a measure of his success, and we’re honoured that Opmetrix is part of his toolkit.





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