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Not just ROI; how’s your RAO?


Opmetrix App TabletopRetail activity optimisation (RAO) involves using your sales data and analytics to improve your sales field team performance. The ‘perfect store visit’ can be systemised using Opmetrix retail execution software to ensure a consistent experience, every time. By turning data into insight, field sales teams are empowered to make decisions at the store level to deliver exceptional service and maximise opportunities.

The Promotion Optimization Institute discusses seven key considerations for CG companies to keep in mind when selecting technology to improve in-store execution:

  1. User experience. The solution should be intuitive – quite simply, if the field users hate it, they won’t want to use it.
  2. Functionality. The solution should provide transactional functionality for efficiency and compliance.
  3. Analytics and ‘sell more’ capabilities. The solution should provide analytical capabilities to make appropriate decisions at both the store and the back-office level so your field sales teams can work smarter and sell more.
  4. Expertise and best practices. A comprehensive CRM solution which leads your field sales teams through a guided selling process sets them up to succeed. Utilising fact-based selling with historical data access empowers ‘best in class’ activities.
  5. Geographic coverage and support. Have full visibility of your distributed team, alongside local support capabilities.
  6. Responsiveness and track record. Being responsive and agile assists with consistency of execution.
  7. Strength of roadmap. Is the solution you choose going to be able to meet your team’s needs in the next few years?

Here at Opmetrix we provide a one stop shop solution for your field sales teams. With 15 years of industry knowledge and experience we understand your business requirements, and using technology for your RAO can help you close the distribution gaps. Optimising performance leads to business efficiency gains.

Guided selling through the use of journey plans, objectives, surveys and audits supports your call cycle compliance and sets your team up to succeed. Systemise that ‘perfect store visit’ for a competitive differentiation opportunity.




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